Don't Give Me Sass, Take Out the Trash

Planning An Outdoor Community Festival? Rented Dumpsters Will Be Helpful

When you're planning an outdoor community event, the management and disposal of waste needs to be something that you think about. It's common to have numerous garbage cans set up around the facility, but you should also think about contacting a dumpster rental company to arrange the delivery of one or more dumpsters. The company can suggest the number of bins that you'll need, based on the size of the venue and your expected attendance, and you can go over the size, drop-off date, time, and a variety of other details that pertain to your dumpster rental. Here are some specific details to consider.

Why They're Valuable

Renting dumpsters for your outdoor community festival is a good idea for a number of reasons. Primarily, they will provide ample space for the event's waste. As smaller garbage bins fill up, they can overflow quickly. And, unless you have assigned people to empty the bins, they may remain in this unfortunate situation for hours. The sight of overflowing garbage bins around the space, and perhaps flies or bees hovering around them, can be a turnoff for your attendees. When you have dumpsters on the scene, your staff or volunteers can quickly empty the garbage bins into the dumpsters when the need arises.

When To Have Them Delivered

You'll definitely want to have one or more dumpsters delivered to your venue prior to the start of the festival. Doing so will allow you to develop a solid waste management strategy for when the event is taking place — namely, assigning people to routinely empty the venue's garbage bins into the dumpster(s). You'll also want to think about having one or more additional dumpsters delivered after the event. As your staff members tear down the displays, there will be additional waste generated — and you'll need a place to put it.

Where To Situate Them

You'll need to tell your dumpster rental service where you want the dumpsters to be placed, so it's important to give this topic some thought prior to the drop-off date. For the dumpsters that you're having delivered before the event begins, it's useful to choose a position that is largely out of sight to your attendees but also easy to access for your staff or volunteers. This could be behind a stage, for example. For the dumpsters that you're having delivered after the event, think about where you'll need them the most. If there's a food services area, you'll want a dumpster placed in this location.