Don't Give Me Sass, Take Out the Trash

Are You An Only Child Tasked With Cleaning Out Your Deceased Parent's Home? 3 Tips To Prepare For Estate Cleanout Services

Being an only child can make the task of handling your parent's final affairs more difficult. While you may not have a sibling to help you with challenging tasks such as doing their home cleanout, you do have support available. Hiring professionals to move unwanted items out of your parent's house so that you can prepare it for its next purpose allows you to focus on other things such as coping with your loss. As you get ready for the big cleanout day to arrive, you can use these tips to prepare physically and emotionally.

Do a Thorough Check for Items of Value

Your first step is to find out exactly what is in your parent's house that you may want to keep, sell, or donate to a charitable cause. For instance, you may want to keep a cherished piece of furniture, or you may know that your parent's clothing is still in good enough condition to give to a local organization. 

As you do your walkthrough, remember to also look for things that have sentimental value. You may never be able to sell old photographs, but your family may find them meaningful enough to keep. You will also want to be careful to look carefully through the belongings while thinking about your parent's personal habits. Many older adults sometimes place valuables in hidden places to keep them safe. For instance, you might want to check your parent's sock drawer if you remember that they had a tendency to hide jewelry or other valuables there. Double-checking furniture and other items for things you want helps you feel confident that only unwanted items are removed during the final cleanout.

Find Out What Other Family Members Want

You will also want to make sure that the rest of your family is comfortable with the cleanout. While many issues regarding the distribution of their property might have been handled by your loved one's will, it is possible that there are items that were not accounted for that other people might want. For instance, one of your relatives may want to keep a book they used to read with your parent or a quilt that they made. 

Plan Support for the Big Day

Estate cleanout services are done respectfully, and you should expect that the crew will manage their duties with professionalism. However, you may find it emotionally hard to watch as your parent's belongings are moved out of their house for the final time. While someone needs to be there for the cleanout, you can appoint someone else to handle this task. Alternatively, you may choose to have a support person stay with you through the process. Being able to distract yourself with their conversation can help you be near enough to answer questions without feeling too much stress from the day.

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