Don't Give Me Sass, Take Out the Trash

Determining What Your Need When Renting A Dumpster

Many times commercial building projects or businesses need dumpsters. Renting a dumpster is not difficult, but you need to consider the following when you're ready to have the local dumpster rental company bring out the container for your business. 

Size Matters

When you're looking at dumpsters, you need to determine how large the dumpster needs to be. For a business that is just putting daily trash in the dumpster, a smaller container will work fine. Still, if you're a commercial contractor and working on an extensive remodeling project that will produce a lot of debris, you need to consider a larger container. 

Often a roll-off box is needed for commercial waste, but talk to the rental company about the job and the material so they can help you determine the size of the container you need.

Rental Compactors 

For commercial retail or food businesses, a compactor and container are a common option. The compactor forces extra trash into the container and allows the business to put more trash in at one time. The amount of weight sets the cost of dumping the container in it, so having it emptied fewer times may or may not save your business money, but having a compactor is very convenient. 

If you're disposing of food items, the compactor can help keep animals out of the trash, and once it's pressed into the container, the trash can fly around with the wind or fall out of the dumpster and make a mess around the property. 

Debris Versus Trash

The material you put in the dumpster needs to be the right material for the type of dumpster or container you're renting. If you have construction debris, most compactor companies do not want you to put that inside the compactor. Wood, metal, and other materials can cause damage to the compactor and create a problem for the compactor company.

Discuss the trash or debris that you need to get rid of with the dumpster rental company, and they can tell you what they recommend you do with the material. Construction debris typically goes in a roll-off box and may be more expensive to dump, so there is the potential that the rental company will add a premium to the cost of the rental. 

The pricing can vary from one area to another, and in some cases, the roll-offs make more money for the rental company but discuss the price structure before you rent anything, and you should be able to find what you need. 

Learn more about commercial dumpster rentals from a company like Michael's Rolloff Solutions today.